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Why Do General Contractors Love Retrofit Windows?

When it comes to home improvement projects, many people think of upgrades like new siding, roofing, or windows. Windows are a critical part of any home – they let in natural light and fresh air and can add beauty to your property. If you're considering replacing your windows, you may be wondering if retrofit windows are the right choice for you. This article will discuss the benefits that general contractors love about retrofit windows – and why you should consider them for your next home improvement project!

Why Do General Contractors Love Retrofit Windows?

What Does ‘Retrofit’ Mean?

Retrofitting is a term used for the process of making an existing structure or system compatible with something new, such as adding windows to a wall that already exists. Specifically, retrofit windows are designed to fit into existing window frames – no modifications are required. This makes installation much simpler and faster than replacing an entire window frame.

New Construction Windows Versus Retrofit Windows

The type of window you choose for your project depends on what look you’re trying to achieve and the existing structure. Retrofit windows are ideal for homes with older frames, as they can be easily installed in place of the existing window. On the other hand, if you’re starting from scratch or building a new home, new-construction windows are a better option.

Advantages Of Retrofit Windows

When it comes to windows, retrofit installation is becoming increasingly popular. Retrofitting existing window frames with new windows can be a more affordable and efficient option than replacing the entire window unit. It also offers several advantages that make this method of installation an attractive choice for homeowners looking to update their home's look or improve its energy efficiency.

One advantage of retrofit windows is that they are easier to install than traditional replacement windows. The process involves removing the old sash from the interior side of the frame and then installing a new, insulated vinyl frame into which you insert your new glass panel. This eliminates any need for exterior work on your homes, such as stucco repair or painting, making it faster and less disruptive overall. Additionally, since only the interior portion of your frame needs to be replaced—and not all components—your costs will likely be lower in comparison to full-frame replacement options.

Another advantage of retrofit windows is their energy efficiency. Due to the nature of the installation, some air leakage is unavoidable, however, this type of window still provides a higher level of energy efficiency than traditional replacement options. The added insulation provided by the new frame and glass panel can help you reduce your home's overall energy costs.

Additionally, the improved airtight seal of retrofit windows can help keep allergens out of your home and reduce noise transfer from outside.

Finally, new replacement windows often require additional maintenance to keep them in top condition. With a retrofit installation, much of this is unnecessary as the existing frame and trim are kept intact. This makes it easier to maintain your windows over time and keeps them looking like new.

When it comes to windows, ‘retrofit’ simply means that the window is made to fit into an existing opening. That said, there are several reasons general contractors love retrofit windows - and you should too! First, retrofit windows requires less work overall because there is no need to make structural changes or Prime the area around the window since it’s being fitted into an already-existing hole. Second, they can be installed in any weather conditions whereas new construction windows often have delays due to weather conditions. Finally, retrofit windows tend to have a longer lifespan than new construction windows. All in all, choosing retrofit windows is a wise decision for both homeowners and general contractors alike. Are you interested in learning more about our retrofit windows? Give Windows & Beyond a call today!

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