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5 Surprising Benefits Of Retrofit Windows

If you're like most people, you probably think of new windows as a way to improve the look of your home and save on energy costs. And while those are definitely two great reasons to invest in new windows, there are actually several other benefits that you may not have considered. This article will discuss five surprising benefits of retrofit windows.

5 Surprising Benefits Of Retrofit Windows

Increased Energy Efficiency

One great benefit of retrofit windows is increased energy efficiency. Because they fit snugly into existing window openings, they create a tight seal which reduces air leakage and helps keep your home more insulated during both hot and cold weather conditions. This means that less outside air can enter or escape through the window opening, resulting in lower heating/cooling bills for you! Additionally, because these types of windows are designed with high performance glass coatings, they also have superior solar heat gain control capabilities which further reduce energy consumption in the summer months.

Enhanced Durability

Retrofit windows are also incredibly durable due to their construction and materials. Most models feature frames that are made of metal or fiberglass, both of which are known for their strength and durability. This ensures that your new windows won't warp, rot, or corrode over time like traditional wooden window frames often do. Additionally, most retrofit windows have sashes constructed from either vinyl or aluminum, which further improves their longevity.

Reduced Condensation

Another great benefit of retrofit windows is reduced condensation build-up inside the home. Because they fit snugly into existing openings, these types of windows create an airtight seal which helps to keep the temperature and humidity levels within your house consistent throughout the year. This helps to reduce the amount of condensation that builds up on cold surfaces like windows and doors.

Added Security

Retrofit windows also add a layer of security to your home as most models come with extra locking mechanisms for added protection against break-ins or unwanted intruders. The tight fit of these windows also helps to keep them in place, making it harder for anyone to try and open them from the outside. Additionally, many retrofit windows are coated with laminated safety glass which offers superior protection against flying debris during severe weather events.

Reduced Noise Pollution

Finally, the tight seal created by retrofit windows helps to reduce noise pollution both inside and outside of your home. This is especially beneficial for those who live in urban or high-traffic areas as the extra insulation helps to block out some of the exterior noises, providing you with a quieter living environment.

As you can see, there are many great benefits that come along with investing in retrofit windows. Not only will they improve the overall look and feel of your home, but they also offer improved energy efficiency, enhanced durability, reduced condensation build-up, added security features, and reduced noise pollution. If you’re thinking about replacing your windows anytime soon, then make sure to consider retrofit windows for all these amazing benefits! For more information, please call Windows & Beyond. They specialize in helping homeowners find the perfect window solution for their needs.

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